The precious land that affords us our business also ensures our future. At we do our part to protect that future. Not only do we recycle our products, but, we also opened our own mulch company to keep our leftover products out of landfills.

Besides the more common reasons people buy mulch, such as beatification and weed control, mulch has many additional benefits.

Increases Soil Moisture Retention - mulch reduces the speed of water evaporation while keeping an even supply of water on the upper soil levels.

Increases Soil Texture - Clay soil benefits from improved aeration and sandy soils receive enhanced water retention.

Prevention of Compaction - mulch breaks the fall of water droplets, which can cause the soil to compact and inhibit plant growth.

Temperature Control - mulch insulates plants from drastic temperature changes, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

     And, thanks to the never-ending technology cycle, you can now have your mulch colored to match your exterior needs. We have partnered with Amerimulch, a leader in the industry's colorant system providers. Mulch, made to order, in four handsome earth tone colors - rich black, radiant gold, chocolate brown and deep red! Just think of the possibilities!!

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